Anodic Oxidation Treatment of Aluminum Retractable Roll Up Banner Stands Surface

In order to improve surface properties of final aluminum retractable roll up banner stands, such as wear resistance, corrosion resistance, reflectivity etc. It is better for manufacturer to make anodic oxidation treatment to the surface of aluminum retractable roll up banner stands.
The banner stands oxidized are shiny in surface, wear proof, it just like a protective film to prevent  aluminum material from the erosion of air.

There are two ways to distinguish the surface between the oxidized products and unoxidized products. One way is seeing by our eyes, the aluminum-alloy base shone is likely to be oxidized. The other way is touching by our hands. If wiping the surface by one of your fingers or scrubbing it by dry towel, you may find something like black color stay in your finger or the dry towel, then it is not treated with anodic oxidation. If there is not any black color stay in your finger or towel, then this product surface is anodized. Just like our retractable roll up banner stands, we adopt durable aluminum with anodizing finish, learn more information by clicking our Retractable Roll Up Banner Stands.
 Retractable Roll Up Banner Stands  Retractable Roll Up Banner Stands


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